Clean, Quality Cannabis Guaranteed!

Through our constant efforts of critiquing and studying our processes,
our goal is to provide our customers with not only the highest-quality flower
- but the upmost standards in customer service as well.

Flower, Concentrates, Edibles... and more!

Growing  closer to opening shop, we are developing methods to provide
our customers with other options such as: topicalsedibles, moisturizers, and a much higher variety of products of all kinds.

A place to take care of you, and your ailments!

With our staff of highly-trained employees, we strive to provide you with the best help you need in order to receive the satisfaction you deserve.

Our Message

Premiering in Tulsa as one of the first available Medical Marijuana dispensaries, Dr Z Leaf is excited to reveal it's first location at 71st and Memorial in front of the Woodland Hills mall.

Secondly, our store located near the Zoellner Center will be coming soon. With our elite team of members, we have been working endlessly to provide the patients of Tulsa a store where they feel welcomed and cared for in every aspect of their experience. From walking into the store, to browsing our selection, to their end purchase, we guarantee the upmost standards in service along the way.

We hope to see you soon in a store near you!

Since 1993